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.0211.11. Glel--c,TonverfRtion. 75 he may have the glory ofinfinit juhice, God Peals the forgivenes of fin in the Court ofJuftice as well as in the Court of Mercy ; few think ofthis, and that's the reafon why people are ready many times to defpair, becaufe a great while they having but flight thoughts ofGod, they hope Chrift will be merciful to them, yet in time of temptation, when the Devil comes and doth fet before them the dreadfulnefs ofGods juflice, that God is a moff juft God as well as merciful, this makes their hearts to fink like a Bone within their breafts. But now the foul that fees the way ofGod in the Gofpel, fees that God is infinitly fer up- on mercy, and likewife fees away howGods infinit juhice may be fatisfied and feeingboth thefe, this is a mighty help tofaith ; now let there come never fo many temptations, when the foul is çatching hold uponGods mercy ; I but faith temptation, God is a juft God as well as merciful, and doh not thonprefume ? No faith the foul, the way of mercy that my foul reps upon, I fee there is in it a way of fatisfac`lion to infinite juflice, as well as a way f r the manifeftation of mercy, and therefore though God be irighteousGod, and a juif God, yet here I fee a way for my foul to be fav'd, yet for Divine Juáice to have no wrong neither, and therefore I can beleeve and venture my foul upon this : It's impoffible for a finner to venture his foule upon any way ofmercy, if it comes to underhand with what a God it bath to deal, except it comes to knowGod inJefus Chrift, in that way wherin infinit juhice is fatisfied to the utmoh farthing which is declared in the Gofpel. Now what Converfation is Jutable to this ? Hence let there be that Converfation inyou, that may ma- nifeft that you do not turn the grace of God into wantonnefs, Oh a wanton Converfation is infinitly unbefeeming the Gofpel, Oh there is infinite mercy and free grace treafured up here, and what wilt thou bewanton and vain and loofe therefore ? there is infinite grace, but what way doth God take to mani- fell infinite grace ? Is it not in a way wherein the dreadfullef1 Juhice ofGod appears too ? Is not the grace ofGod let out to you through the blood ofhis Son ? wherein the moh dreadful fruit ofGods ftice is manifehed that ever was fìnce the begin- ning of the world, or ever íhall be manifehed to the end of the bl 2 world