Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

46, 74 Gofbbel-Corverfatiost. in the Gofpel of Chrik for encouraging of poor troribled foule, no more than men might underhand by the light of Nature; Indeed if I did live better, and honor God, I might bave en- couragement that God would ¡hewme mercy ; but the mercy of the Gofpel it is fuch, that there is mercy to pardon and to heal my foul too, and therefore though I be fìnful, Imull not flay from believing in Gods mercy till I be heal'd but I muff believe in Gods mercy that I may be heal'd . That's the third particular that the Gofpel holds forth unto us. Now theFourth thing that the Gofpel reveals, is this , That thoughGod be infinitly merciful, yet he is merciful inloch a way that ju(lice (hall not be wronged : and this is proper to the Gofpel too. it's impo¡lible for Men or Angels to come to underfand this My fiery but by this Gofpel-light, how God fhould be infinitly merciful, and yet that He fhould be infinitly ;HI too ; this is held forth in 1,0m. 3. 25.26. whomGodbathfaforth to be apropi- tiation, throughfath in his blood, to declare his ri hteoufnefs, for the remi(lionofoffins that are pafl,through theforbearance ofGod: To de- clare, I fay at this time has righteousf to ffe: that he might bejuß,and the juffifyer of him which beleeveth efirs. Now this is a great cnyflery ofthe Gofpel ; a Scripture that Ltstber failed and pra- yed that he might underhand, and he was a great whilebefore be could know the mind of God therin. Now the Gofpel faith this, I will manifefl infinite riches of my mercy, but yet fo as ruy infinite juflice (ball be no lofer, and therfore though I'le fave Man-kind yet I'le fave them by fuch a way, as rie have as much glory ofmy juflice as if all the men in the world had bin damned to all eternity : this is the mykery of the Gofpel, and 'tis deer, that though God manifek infinite mercy,yet God bath a way for the manifeflation of his mercy in the Golpe!, by which the juflice of God is as much honored and fatisfied as if all the men in the world had been call into everlafling bu- flings, that is, through his Sons dying for mans fin, being made a curfe for us; this is the great poynt of the gofpel, which un- leife we underhand, we know nothing of Chrifl and his Go- fpel as we ought to know it. Moll men and women in the world they Peek to God for mercy, Lord be merciful to me, a firmer, bat they think not of a way of Gods iliewing mercy, fo as yet he