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7g L...s---- Gof jel-Cenverfation. Gofpel ? when as thouheareft the Gofpel fay, that rather.than the glory of juflice (hall be darkned, the blood of his Son muff go for ir, and God expels that Chriftians fhould be fo in love with juflice, that they fhould rather be content to be undone in their eftates, to beg their bread from door to door thenbe unjufi in any of their adions , Oh 'tis an exceeding ecclipfìng of the glory of the Word when profeffors of it fhall be falfe in their dealings; Oh remember thou Chriffian who boldefl up the Gofpel with thy right hand, that when thou heard' of the death ofChrift, there the love that God bears to juflice is held forth, and God is fet upon the honor of juflice and he will have it : thy injuflice in thy trading, this muff be made up one way or other, either thou muff pay eternally for it and fo juflice made up, or elf it mutt colt the Blood ofJefüs Chrift, God is fet upon juflice in another manner than you thinkof ; Oh let your Converfations be as becometh this truth of the Gofpell of jefus Chrifl Fifthly, That the Lord in the Go#el, ,dews how he is f t uponfa- tisfying the Law, and what a high price heputs stpon the Law ; The excellency of the Law doth more cleerly appear in the Gofpell than in the Dodrine of the Law its felf; as thus, Chrift came to fulfil all rïghteoufnefs, furely God fet a high price ofhis Law, that hewould not fave any foul living that had broken it, but by his Son that muff come to fulfil it : firft, He mull have all righteoufnefs kept ; & to the end that he might manifeff his love unto his Law (I fay ) therefore it was that Chrift muff comeand fubjec`l himfelf to the Law, he muff be under the Law ; It was from thence that Chrift faith It becoms us tofulfilall righteous- nefs. So was God let upon his Law, that when Chrift did un- dertake for man-kind , if Chrift had not fatisfied every part of the Law that was required, if there had been one jot of theLaw unfulfilled, all man-kind mull have perifhed in everlaffing bur- rings : Cod fets an high rate on his Royal Law, therfore learn to prile the Law of God : It's true, you cannot keep it for jufti- fication, that was Chrifts task, fo to keep the Law that he might juftifie finners, God by this teaches us to efleem highlyof it,and not to flight it and contemn it : the Law of God it is a precious Chriffall glafs, it is thevery Glafs ofthe holinefs, and righteouf- nefs