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Gof jel-Coxverfation. 79° nefs of God, and you mull prize it, as you do prize your great glaffes that your Marriners have from other parts ; you bring home your great Criftals, of 20. 0r40. or threefcore pounds according to the largne'fe of them : now would not you take it exftream ill, when you have bellowed fo much upon it, that a child or fervant (hould come and break it all to pieces ? Now my (brethren) confider, The LawofGod here refembles the Chriftal glaffe; and as in your glaffes you may fee gout faces, fo in that Criftal glalle of the Law, the holinefs ofGod is tran- fparent, 'tis filch a glafs that God prizes it more worth than all the world ; this is vale : for the Lord 'lands much upon the obferving of the Law, and upon obedience unto it, and therfore take heedof breaking it meerly to fatisfie your lulls, to accom- modate and befriend your own bale ends, this is unbefeeming the Gofpel of Chrift. There are many that make a great noife about Evangelical truths, fo that they cry up the Goigiel ofChrif, the GeJ el of Chr: as they once did the 7ernple ofthe Lord, the Temple ofthe Lord; and they think that this dotti wholly take away their obedience to the Law ofGod, and that it mull not be fo much as a rule of life. Certainly there's nothing holds forth the Excellency of the Law more than the knowledgeof Jerus Chrifl (the only Law-giver) being fubje(ted to the Law, and his fubjec`tion it was to take away our guiltineffe, to can- cel the bond of the Law, binding us to eternal death : But we never reade that this fubjec`+ion to the Law was to make void our obedience to it, fo that it should not be any ruleof life un_. to us, for indeed, what is the Lawof God,but the pure Will of God'? and do you think that Chrill came to take us away from obeying the Will of God, which WAS Chri'ls meat and drink to do ? I Eland not fo much upon that term, Whether as given by Aloft: ? but upon thofe things that are therein contained; therein revealed as part of the will ofGod, God (lands much upon that, that we should make the things revealed in the Word to be the rule of our life , and this is manifelted by Chri(is ready and full fubjetdion unto it. And that is the firll particular, what it is that we come to know by the Gofpel, ac- cording to which we (honld lute our Conversations.. SSER . 4