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SZ Gojfiel- Converfation. bominate all fin : Now this is held forth in the Gofpel more than in full the execution l the world, it won if dllnotahod forth gods to the upon hatred of fin fo much as this doth. Do you beleeve this Gofpel ? Hath God let you live under this Gofpel, that you hear it in your ears < And do you profefs that the Lord bath enlightened you by his holy Spirit, to un- derfand the certainty and reality of this ? Oh then letyour Converfation be as becomes this Evangelical truth. c/' (1 ief . What Converfation doth become this ? AnfW. Hence then, your own reafon cannot but make a confequence from this that the Gofpel holds forth. Hence then, Cati away all fin as an abominable thing from you ; What have I to doe any more with Idols ? Hence then, Call no fn little which fo much provokes the Lord. Indeed if you were only fFch by the light but little reafon fmal and youneed makeno fuch fuck things are , great matter about them. But now, Art not thou a Chriftian ? A follower of Chrift; A friend to the Gofpel ? For fhame call no fin little for in the Gofpel you fe the infinit hatredof God . againf all fin, yea, there is more even in the leali fin than in the grateff aflic`tion whatfoever (that's a point that bath been See r long lince opened toyou at large, 1` and this will Phew itcleerly, rcatireofCher is more evil in any fin then in the greatef afidion, by the cxtec the dealing of God 'the Father with his Son) and therfore if ding Pi- you will be willing to live as becomes the Gofpel ofChrift, ra- f !(ief of ther be willing to bear any atilif} ion in.the world thanwilful- /id, on 1 to commit the left fin : Are thefe two- in the ballance ? Here °OG'36' i isa great and a fore crofs, you think, how Thal I endure that? On the other fide, Here's a fin to be commited; ifI venture up- on this fin, it may be I fhall be deliverd from this afflitlion? Now would this become the Gofpel ofChrift for one that pro - feífes that he doth beleeve that:God the Father dealt thus with His Son, that hadfn but by imputation upon Him, that He let out the vials of his wrath upon Him, and made him a curie for fin; and if Chrift had but undertaken for to have fatisfied for one fin ; though the leati fin, He muff have died for it. For thewages offin, is death ! offlu indefxnitly, it's death : And do I. beleeve