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-...... Goffrél-Converfationm 81 full judgments that God hath executed upon (inners here in this world, and by the terrors of confcience that there are upon the wicked, as on Cain, Saul and 7udets &ca men many times here for ther fins, by the wrath ofGod that is revea'ld from Heaven againft fin in the execution of it, but take all thofe together, yea, did we fee the woful execution of the wrath ofGod in Hell its felf, did the Lord open unto us a dore into the cham- bers of death to difcover the torments that are there, and to hear all the fhreeks and cries of the damned in everlafting bur- rings; yet all this, the threats of the Law, the terrors ofit, the agonies of Confcience, the torments of the damned in Hel, (I fay) put all together, and they would not fo much, nor fo cleerly difcover Gods infinite hatered of (în, as what we find in the Gofpel ; the red glaffe of the Bloodof Jefus Chrift that was fhed for fin, dothdifcover more of Cods hatred againfl it, than all the torments of Hell can do, or all the threats ofthe Law can do ; God Both in inflithng his wrath upon his Son for mans fin, thus preach unto the world ; Well I fee, that you cannot be brought to underftand how I hate fin with a perfect hatred, but I'le have one way of argument to convince you, that it is impoffible you 4hould Rand againft, I will therfore fend my Son to take your nature upon him, and to Rand char- gedwith your debt, and you (hall fee how I'le deal with him who is your Surety, Isle not fpare him, I'le powr out the vials of my wrath upon him to the laff drop, l'le make him a curfe for fin, though he be infinitly bleffed, and equal with my felf, yet I'le make him cry out in the anguifh and trouble of his foul, My God, my God, why haft' thouforfa4en me? He fhall tread thewind-prefs of my wrath, I'le make the burthenoffin heavy to Him, that f nail make him fall groveling upon his face, and fweat great clodders ofBlood in a winter feafon, that 411211 run down from his body upon the cold ground, I wil do this to that end that all the world (to whom the preaching of the Gofpel ¡hail come) may fee how infinitely I hate fin : This is one of Gods ends; though it is true, that the Principal end ofthedeath ofChrift it was, to fatisfie Divine Jnftice : But there is another end that God aims at in the death ofhis Son, To declare to all the world, tomen and Angels how infinitely the Lord doth a- N bominate