Burroughs - BS2705.4 B87 1653

48 Goffel-Converfation. I fuch a Converfation as would manifeft fuch a work of God upon the heart as this is would become the Gofpel of Chrift in- deed. Whereas otherwife brethren, if any of you that do profefs the Gofpel of Chrift {hall make finbut as a flight thing, and {hall be ready to entertain fin in thy bofom, know that by this means, you do no other but trample under foot the Blood of Jefus Chrift as a common thing, as a thing that had no worth at all in it. This doth defpight to the Gofpel ofthrift, you do difhonor Jefus Chrift, and you do put him toopen fhame whole Name you have taken upon you by your profef ion : I wil give you a Scripture now for this in Heb. 6.4. &c. He fpeaks ofTome, that were once enlightned, and had taftzedofthe Heavenly gift, and Were made partakers of the holy Ghoft,and tafted ofthegood word ofGod (that is the Gofpel) and thepowers ofthe world to come: if they fffiouldfall away ,it Were impofble to renew them to repentance. Mark the reafon : Seeing they crucifie to themfelves the Son of God afrefh, and put him to an open fhame : Such as fall offafter the profeflìon of the Gofpel into finful waies, they are Paid here to crucifie the Son of God afrefh, and to put him to open lhame. This is far from walking as becomes the Gofpel. And fo you have another text in Heb. 10. 29. &c. (he fpeaks of thofe that had fallen off from their profefhon into finful waiesi Ofhowmuchforerpunifhment, fuppofeye, /hallhe be thought worthy f, who hath troden under foot the Son ofGod, Andbath counted the bloodofthe Covenant wherewith he wasfant7ifled, an unholy thing, and bath donedefJight unto the Spirit ofGrace ? See how the holy Ghoft fpeaks offuch as fall from their profefiion into finful waies again. And there is a great deal of reafon for it, for tis not fo much for thofe that never made profeflion ofthe Gofpel, to fall to fin, not fuch a horrid thing for them ; but for thofe that have made profeffion of the Gofpel, that they hold forth thus much ; this is the language oftheir actions (though they dare not fay fo) Lord I acknowledge that I have feen the fruit ofthy hatred of fin in the deathof thy Son, that thoudidft fo hate fin, thou madeft thy Son to be a curfe for fin; but yet for all this, fuch is the ftrength ofmy lulls, I muff have my tufts, though it be fo vile in thine eyes as the blood of thy Son went for it, yet I mutt have it rather than deny my lulls; Oh what