Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gotpel Tvnn1sion. The word of Reconciliation and pardon of Sin ; and if God finable me to clear up unto you the excellency of thofe Trútils contained in this Scripture, I hope they will prove in all your eyes to be as Apples of Gold in Piaures of Silver. The words read , are the firfl words of one of David's Penitential Pfalms and they are indeed the genuine voice of a true Penitent ; the very Charac`fer of an humble Pe nitential Soul ; he is one that has admiring thoughts cf the bleffednefs of the pardon of fin. I will not fpend time in Analyfing the whole Pfalm , becaufe the fweetnefs and bleffednefs of the Argument draws my heart to come pre-. fently to it ; And blefTed may your ears be, who after hear- ing of the dreadful evil of fin, may come to hear the bief-. fed docrine of Pardon ; it is that which God has denyed to many thoulands : And who knows but many even of thole that in this Congregation have heard the forrow of that Docirine, are now gone ( perhaps to their own place ) and feel what they then heard , and much more, and are pal} ever hearing the argument of pardon and lórgivenefs of fin : that bleffed found Mall never come to their ears ; bur the horrid neife of yelling, roarings , and curlings of damned fpirits, for the wrath of God that lyes heavy on them for tht it fin. This Pfalm in the title of it is a PfaIm of David Maf- chit ; that is, a Pfalm of Infirit ion ; or , for Infru ion And what is á more ufeful Inffruction than to inffrucf the foul where true Lleflédnefs lyes ? And what is a better inftruftion than to tell man the way of the pardon and for- givenefs of fin ? the way to true happinefs ? The happinefs of the reafonable creature is that which many wife men thought to find out, but after all their fearch , they were much puzled , and in the dark , and could never come to find where it lay , by all thewifdom of the flefh ; only the rational creature is capable of bleffednefs , becaufe it is ca- pable of fuch an aft as to reflect upon it felf : that is the ground why the rational creature is capable of bleffed- 1nefs , above all other creatures ; no creature can truly be faid