Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

GoIpel Tvniß:on. -laid to be a bleffed creature , but only the rational ; becaufe no creature elfe can refte& upon its own condition to know it fell. But then not only to know our felves , but our own happinefs ,.Where our bleffednefs lyes ; this muff needs be a profitable inftru&ion. No Philufopher did ever give fuch a defcription of happinefs as this is, Bleffed is the man whofe, &c. yea, David, who had a Monopoly of the com- forts of this world to the full , and had the Crown upon his head, fayes not , Bleffed is he that is Crowned and has a Kingdom. David that had the riches of this world, did not fay, Bleffed is he that bath this worlds goods. David that had honours, and was reputed among the mighty men , did not fay, Bleffed is he that hash worldly honours. David that had many Victories over Enemies, (ayes not , Bleffed is he that rides in Triumph over his Enemies. David that had fumptuous Palaces, and the delights of this world , does not fay , Bleffed is he that has them. But in the midff of all Outward good things, David enjoyed in this world, he finds his bleffednefs to confift in this , The pardon and forgivenefs of hisfins ; he pronounces them and them only bleffed, whofe fin is pardoned. This Inftrution of the bleffednefs of Pardon of Sin , as it lyes here annexed , is of weight indeed , and of infinite concernment : Luther layes , The .A gument of free Yuftif- cation and Rem on of Sin, is that that makes a Divine : and this may be 'added to that, 'tis this that makes a Chriftian ; To be infi'ruCfed rightly in the Tultification of a Sinner, is that that makes a Chrifl'ian. Nay, although we had ten thoufand Inftruaors in other things, not only in Natural knowledge, but in Divinity too , in all the points of it ; yet we could never be wife unto Salvation, except we were inftruc`ted with this inftru6tion , in the bleffednefs of Juftificaiion and par- don offin. Luther fayes, Let this Dofftrine lye dead,andall the whole knowledge ofother Truths is to little purpofe. Therefore well m y the title of the Pililm be a 2f4 w of Inl rufion: Bleffed is the man whofe Tranfgrefonsarc f r inn, andwhofe Iniquities are covered. Wherefore our Point of Dot`trine ac- 'cording to thewords is this. B z Doe.