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äßf.011f,ffitcAt tMiA,MtgM vôsv'$öá5'dr'dóóSÖböá Gofpel Remifsion. PSAL. XXXII. I. BIefed is he robofe Tranfgreflion isforgiven., andwhole Sin is covered. CHAP. I. TheText Opened, and the main Doctrine Propounded. ! `'/,if Have, as you may remember inmany Ser- mons endeavoured to (hew untoyou the ma- lignity anddreadful evil that there is inSin ; And what more feafonable and fuitable Ar, gument can we now treat of; than the blef.. fednefs of Pardonof Sin ? How fweet and acceptable will this be to fuch fouls , that by the former arguments have been made apprehenfive of the dreadful evil of it ? How readily will they fay with the Pro- phet, How beautiful are thefeet of thofr that bring (fuch) good tidings? Wherefore, me-thinks, while I am reading this Text, I fhouldbe like a man at an Eccho, that hears the words thereof refounded back again, by every broken hearted finner in this Congregation, O, bleffed,bleffed is the man indeedwhole tranf- greions are forgiven, andwhofe fin is covered. fiword fpokçn infea{on(fayes Solomora)is like Apples ofGoldProv. z5. inPi5tures of Silver ; and confidering, how large I have been i s. in openingof the Evil of Sin untoyou, if ever a word was fpoken in due feafon , I hope it may be out of this Text 8 The