Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Go#el kemiflion. and that at fuch a rate and infinite price as the death of my own Son ?, Shall his life and blood go to procure pardon ( one drop ofwhich is more worth than ten thoufand worlds) and when all this is done, {hall my creature think to put me off by a poor work of their own prayers, tears, good meaning, or the like ; or with the moft glorious work that they çan per- form ? for the greateft and moft glorious work that they can perform is not near worth _fo much as one drop of the blood of Chrift. And if you have not fuchhigh thoughts of Gods Pardoning Mercy, that it mutt be procured by that which bath more worth in it than all the Creation befides, you do difhonour it, by having fuch low thoughts of it, when as you think to obtain it by any duty that you can do ; you think God is a merciful God, and you hope upon your reforming and performing duties of Obedience, that Gcd will be pa- cified towards you for all that is amifs : Certainly when you have thefe thoughts of Gods pardoning grac , you make it to be but as common and ordinary pity towards one in mife- ry but thegrace of God is a higher thing than common pity and companion, and it is a mighty dtfhonour to God to have no higher thoughts of it, that you think of it but as of com- mon pity and companion, that one creature bath unto ano., ther ; or if you think it difff rs from that pity one creature bath to another, it is but a difference in degrees ; only you you think it is a little higher in degree :but you mutt look upon it inanother way, and as another kindof pity than one crea- ture bears to another; it is true, Gods pardoning his poor creatures is in pity and compaf ion , but it is through the death and fatisfaiion of his own Son ; and ifyou think to procure it any other way than by the mediation of the Son of God, you look upon it but in a natural way, as nature will didateunto you ; for nature will d& &ate, that the beholding ofone crying out in mifery will move pity and compaflìon, and you go no further : But you are to know, the pardon- ing grace of God, is the molt fupernatural and myfteriouf eft thing in all the Book of God ; therefore when God works in us, we muff aft faith upon it in a myftical way; or aft faith upon it as a great myfterie ; and therefore you that P have 105 s