Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

136 Golipel Xerntsson, argument we cannot but do as a Phyfician that is giving his Patient a Potion that is of mighty operation, that will either cure him, ordifpatch him fuddenly, if it cure not : A Phyfi- cian cannot but come with a trembling hand, with fuch a Po- tion, when he knows it muff work one way or oilier : we know God is exceeding quick with thofe to whom he re- veals his pardoning mercy in the preaching of the Gofpel and chofe truths we preach, will have a quick operation either to bring you out of your fins to Salvation, or elfe they will quickly difpatch you for condemnation, Mark 16. 15, 16. C?o,fays Chrift, andpreach the Gojjelto every creature ; and he that believesfrail be faved; and he that believes not (hall be damned : As ifChrift had laid, go open the Doctrine of the Gofpel, and the Juftification of a firmer by the freenefs of the grace of God through Jefus Christ , and whofoever will come in and believe, and clofe with it (hail be faved ; but he that believes not (hall be damned : there is no trifling in the bufinefs, he that believes and comes in (hall be faved ; but he that believes not (hall perifh, he (hall be damned ; let people know when they have the Gofpel preach'd unto them, there is no trifling, no dallying, with it, 'cis not to be put off; he that comes in, (hall be faved but he that ¡lands off fhall perifh , (hall be damned, and (hall know that I will fetch up my glory from him another day in another way ; As ifChrift had laid, Go, preach, make quick work of it ; either come in and be faved, or ftand out and perifh : And fo ,hn when he came to preach the Doctrine of for- givenefs o` fin e.Matth.3. i o. fays,Now the Ax is laid to the root of the tree, every tree that bringeth not forth goodfruit is hewen down nd call into thefire : Now alto the Ax is laid to the root of tl.e tree ; Why not before? No, all that while they went on in Ignorance, arid underftood not fin, and the grace of Gcd brought unto them, for the pardon of their fin all that wide ; God le: them grow, though They bore no fruit, or but ill fruit : but now alto the Ax is laid to the root , Ifhe bears notgoodfruit now,he is heaven down and caft into the fire. Now, when you hear of pardon of fin, and grace reveal;d in the Gofpel, either you bring forth fruit, or you