Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Go#el i Remifsion. 9 either ; fo when a foul comes to God in Chrift, when it comes to Pardon and Juftification, whether fins be little or great, 'tis all one, the mercy of God makes no difference at all ; take heed to what I fay, while I am,fpeaking of forgivenefs of fin, I (hall make known fo much grace, that ifyou abufe it, it will be une of the molt dreadful things that ever you did , and thereforewhile I go.along, take heed ofabufing it, efpecially you that delire to h. ar of (he pardoning mercyof God ; whe- ther your fins be little or great, when you 'come to pardoning mercy , it is an infinite Ocean that fwallows up all ; thofe that have not their fins.psrdoned , whether their fins belittle or great, it makes no différence, they are truly damned for little as well as gnat fins, both finks down into Hell, and the infi- nite Ocean of wrath andhorror fwallows up all : fo in point ofJuftification, whether your fins be little or great, it matters not, pardoning mercy fwallows up all. 2. Of the Final Carsfe ofMercy in forgivenefs ofSin. Secondly, But further, as Mercy is an infinite Ocean that fwallows up Sin, fo Mercy is the Final Caufe. It is to this end that God might manifeft the riches of his grace ; whenGod forgives any one fin, this forgivenefscomes fromGods mercy, and it is to this end, That Ge.d may declare before Men and Angels, to all eternity , what the greatnefs and infinite riches of his grace is, what the graceof God is able to do when God comes to pardon fin ; 'tis for this end, as ifhe fhould fay, Well, I am about now to pardon thy fin, and this work I am about to do, it is for this very end, that it may be known to Men and Angels to all eternity , what the infinite riches of the infi- nite grace of God is able to do for poor finners. Now cer- tainly, that man is a bleffed man ,. if the man whofe fins are - pardoned bath fuch'mercy 'hewed to him , and fuch a bletíèd workupon him, as is to that end, that Godmay declare to all eternity what the glorious riches of wee of an infinite God is ; furely thisis a great bleffednefs , when God 'hall feparate a manor woman for this end, it muff be very glorious '; cer-' tainl)? therefore pardon of fin is no light and mean thing,' but