Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

Gofpel Tvmß1on. 165 jmnner out ofthefevile abominable dangerous ways, or elfe thou art undonefor ever : Behold here is the way of life fet before thee ;beholdmy SonPent into the world for the Propitiation of thy fin, and tobring thee into the ways ofgodlinefs, which is the way to eternal life ; O turnfnner into th fe ways : Now this voice of God calling to theSoul of a man or woman , it comes with power, it hash 'an over-powering ftrength in it, to prevail upon the heart ; it is much like that fecret voice mentioned in Ifai. 30. 2 r . And thyEars !hall hear a word behind thee ; faying,thia is theway wal,in it,when you turn to the right band, or to the left ., 'tis a Prornife of Gods mercy unto his People to convert them unto himfelf ; thofe that were only in an Outward .Profeffion, fays God, you (hall hear a voice behind you, faying, this is the way, turn in unto it ; and fo 'tis when God calls a sinner from the ways of death and deftru&ion ; fuch a firmer hears a voice behind him ; it may be he has come many times to Sermons, and heard a voice many times without him and before him ; but never before, a voice within him and behind him, an inward fecret: voice fpeaking to the foul, O fanner turn out of thy finful ways Why wilt thou die and perifh eternally ? for God to come thus fecretly, and to reafon with the foul, by a voice be- hind it ; and .'tis not bare reafoning, but a voice that bath a power and efficacy fromGod going along with it, that carries on this work in the foul, and caufes the heart to liften and to yield unto God ; when God calls to theSoul to come into the ways of life,the Soul an{wcrs, Lord I come, and with a trem- bling frame of heart cries out with Saul at his Converfion Lord, What wilt thouhave me to do ? No more now, what fin. will have me to do ? and what this and that, and the other luft will have.me to do ? No, now I fee the ways of Life and Salvation are the only bleffed ways NowLord, what would thou have me to do ? Now Salvation is come to that Soul, and Reconciliation with Jefus Chrift ; For whom he hath called, them he hathiuffified. Obferve the efficacy of that call fpoken of in Ifai. 30. 2, t . Thine Earsfhall hear a wordbehind thee, &c> and then follows the fruits of it, and ye (hall defil e alfo the . covering of thygraven Images with Silver,and the ornamentsof Y 3;