Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BT750 .B945 1674

166 Goy Xemifsion. thy molten Images of Gold, thou (halt cuff themeaway a-s a men-. ßrwwor Cloth ; and jbntlt fig unto it, get the hence ; the fins they before, lived in was Idolatry, and their hearts were much taken with their brave Images over -laid with Silver and Gold ; but when they heard the voice behind them they look 'd upon thofe things they fo much delighted in, that were fo brave in their eyes before, but as menftruous clothes , which are the moll filthieft things that can be , and call them away as filthy rags, with indignation, Paying, get thee hence ; as one.that takes a rag in his band, and looks on it and fees it all filthy and defiled, prefently .he throws it away with abo- mination, and lays, get thee hence ; fo this is the call of God, when the Soul hears behind it a fecret voice that many hear nor, it may he, many thoufands hear the outward voice of theMinifter telling them of the evil of fn , and their abo- minations, and a poor Servant, or a poor Youth that ftands in the midft of the crowd, he hears a voice behind him that others do not, a fecret voice (befides the general voice) which is a prevailing voice, that the foul falls down and yields prefently before he goes out of the Church , fays, Lord this day thou haft convinc'd me ofthe evil of fin, and thou haft this day(hewed me the way of life and falvation, Lord I come unto thee ; thoughhe faw nothing, and though no bo- dy elfe hear that voice, yet there is a fecret voice of God unto the foul ; though he Rand in the midft of the crowd and no body elfehear it, yet at that infant pardon of fin came to that foul, and reconciliation by Jefus Chrift : now when this conies into the foul, he will not let fuch and fuch fins be there any longer, but fays, Get you hence, I will have no more to do withfaech and fuch beloved lufs and Idols that Ifet my heart upon, Get thee hence ; and thofe men that God calls to himfelf, certainly when they hear this voice behind them , though they now plead for Idolatry and Superftirion , and why Mould not we do as our forefathers did ? yet if once they come to hear this fecret voice of God , and God Thew them the wayof his Worfhip in the purity and beau- ty of it, they will fay, get thee hence, to thofe things as vile things, get ye hence, I will have no more to do with you ;