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816 0$ actxrelittitiy:tarChiifi: fpulsyvhenyouexercife your faith upon4sim. Certainly there are few people that know what it is to ,exercife their faith upon Chrift,becaufe they never knew Chriit to be thus.Well might the Pfalmilt fay, Pfl..97L The Lord 4eigneth let the earth rejoyce, let the molt-mac of Ifles bee glad thereof. Oh., itis wellifor,us that thP Lord: Reigneth ; alertainly did not jefus Chrill reign in his Church , yea did not bee reign ins Me<world-4, all:things, would: come confufion prefently. Were it poiible that fuch a handful as his Church that is a fielPifeaConapany,a poor people that lives in the _world,and fè hated by the world , and all the Devils in hell , and their infinnuents4,whith. do. labour to extirpate themi and yet that they fhould continue certainly it is becaufe the Lord Reigns and-faldirders,aithitTs: that fe&ansto bee a- gainfl his Church, for the good of his Church, otherwife it could not continue in the wed : Oh kt the earth rejoyce, becaufe the Lord doch Reign- Av nd/ain in PfaL9.1. 'mark there.what.,ufaismade of luiitaCKirrgly power. The Lord Reigneth, let the people tremble; Oh the Lord Reignethl-, Ie thiptople ilenahle;, .coraintysalfWiCked- and ungodly men that are Rebels againit this Xing , they have caufe to tremble, Lucia men as fay of drift , wee vill not have this manta reign over ut., they have cauft to tremble, for the Lord 'Grill will overcome thenti Yeettainly his Garments /hall bee.diyectia ¡Rood d whariwill become of them when bee (ball come to take :his Kingdeint,torihimfelf ? Moreover; .Thofe mine enemies the tratdd tea- hove:mee ti Reis, aver them come deed bin4 them, sod _goy thew before fety:face. AtiwiCked and pup* men ifitheir fire;1,they do as if they fhould fay thus, wee will not haverthis,rtia4 to Reign over us ; thou Wil;).41crett caftlsolfjefus 'Ctriff.s a KifIg., certainly thou canit not expea good from him as a, Saviour. ChriAs .frieffip]Ctiiyi NOW for the feconcl thing, and 4 tie PticU Cifto of.