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.,. ....,....... .., an tá&e E xcellency if Chri ft. 4yJesis Chniff, fhrifl ás vvonderfnl3n that, sec is a great High Heb.4.a4. Chrift is.tìere-called a Greút l'Ii i fir. it Seeirg:then that wee have a'Ore& í 1i h Prieft that is ,paled into the:laeavens;And fo iii 744.7. a6.. er foci/ an high 1?rseftbecame tat,,who,is holy, harmlefs, undefiled, feparate from ftnners,uazd made higher than the Hewens.A great-H gh Prieft, a High Prieft m.adedaigher than the Iileaveti s,,this is the High Prieiithat we have which we are to exercife our faith upon. x %lee .bath a Royal Prieft-hood , for it is joyned with .Kingly ?over ., and therefore Melchifedeck was his type. flee was.mtot after the Order of Aaron, but bee ?MS after the ,Order of iidelchtfedeck, becaufe it is a Royal Prieft-hoed , and do the Saints are called a Royal Prieft- hood ; kid lideichtfttisckis laid to bee without gather or Mother : the meaning is, Hee was`not fo as hee was a man, for hee had :Father and Mother, beginning and end, but in his typical relationhheewas fo , they were concealed, tory- pifie, that Chrift, ashee was mm, 'method no Father, and ashen was God, hen had no Mother , and hee had no be- ginning in his Prieftly office, it was from everlafting, and itílall indure to.everlafting. So bee fsa Friel? forever after the Order of Melchifedeck, and net after the Order of Aaron. z And in the next place, All the Priefts in the Law did typifie Chrift, and all did ceafe in him ; certainly hee mull needs bee a great High Prieft that was typified`by'them,and in whom all ceafed and vanished As when theSun arifes, \ >., the light of the flats cloth no more appear; there was no fur- Cher Prieflhood when Jefus came and took that Office to !himfelf in his humane Nature in this world. 3 But further, Chrift is wonderful in his 'Prieft-hood in this, that hee had no need to offer for hirnfeif, as others had; for hee was blamelefs, and without fin. a} Tea, and confider What Chrift Offered , and there you 11 all fee him wonderful; the Offering that Chrift offered, `ic was the blood of Geed TI fay. , it was that that wee may cati !tafel,y according to Scripture language, the blood of Gott; and thativill alotfeemto bee a'hard expreTon if M 2 wee