Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Cbrif . 9 Hee bath perfedl knowledge of all his Saints, and all their conditions. i ó Hee is prefent in all Adminiflrations. 1 ì Hee is the K I N G- af- Righteoufnefs i and of Peace. 1 z Hee hath no need -of any Inftrument to do any thing. 13 Hee over -rules all the plots, counfels, endeavours of his enemies. 14 Flee was not onely born to bee a King, but bee dyed to bee'Kiiig. 1 S Hee is an everlaíling King, his Kingdome endures from Generation to Generation. 16 Flee fits upon his Fathers Throne. as equal with him. 17 And will certainly fubdue all enemies, and will put down all Rule, and all Power. 18. And will put a Crown of glory upon every one of his Subje ts. This is our King , Rejoyce therefore oh Daughter of Zion, for thy King cometh. Oh did wee but apprehend thefe things by faith , that wee have to do with Chrifl as fucha King, certainly our hearts could not bee troubled tvhacfoever (firs there are. in the world, whatfoever Kings and Princes doin the world ; yet when wee look up to this King ,: and by faithmake all this real to our fouls, Oh what matter of infinite joy is it ! I befeech you do not think that there are notions that I fpeak unto you, thofe that exercife their ,faith aright upon Chrifl they exercife their faith upon him as fuch a King. You fay you do beleeve in Jefus Chriff. In Chrifl, Why what do you mean by Jefus Chrifl? Why - you will fay, hee was the Son of God. But what is further? Chrift that is (Anointed) Anointed to what, to King,Prief#, and Prophet; King, what: kinde of i ing? Here I have pre- fenced to you what kinde of King Jefus Chrifl is Anointed by the rather. And thus mu(c you prefent him before your M fouls