Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

84 On the Excellency of Chrift, wee underfland what the perfonal union of the two Na- tures are, in Aèt,zo. z8. faith the Apoftte to the. Church of Ephefus, rake heed therefore unto your felves , and to all the flock over : ;hich the Holy Ghofl hath made you overfeer.r, to feed the Church of God which hee hath purchafed with his own blood. Thefe kinde of phrafes wee have that come from the Perfonal union of the two Natures ; fo that the blood that Chrift did flied and offer unto God as a Sacrifice for the fin of man , it is that that the Scripture calls the blood of God. Now the blood that other Priefts did offer , was the blood of Goats, and Bulls, and Lambs, and Kids, but now what a wonderful Priefl have wee , that comes to offer Sa- crifice to the Father for us,and comes to offer blood,that is the blood of God. Hee is wonderful in his Prieftly Office in regard of his Offering. Further from this follows,that Chrift offered a Sacrifice unto God that was fuf icientto fatisfie God for all the wrong that ever was done him by .mans fin ; they offered poor things unto God, you know, in the time of the Law , things that wereworthleis But now the Sacrifice that Chrift of- fered unto the Father, when hee, that High Prieff, came to offer °, it was a Sacrifice that did fatisfie Gods infinite Ja- fiice , did make up all the wrong that alt the fins of the .Ele& had ever.done to God, it was' that that infinite Jufiice laid it was well-pie afed withal!. It was worth all that Chri &did tender it up to his Father for, not onely a Sacri- fice that was a fweet favour, becaufe God would bee plea - fed to accept of ir, but a Sacrifice that had in its felt fuch a favour that could not but bee Tweet in the nofirils of God the Father , for it did fully fatisfie the Juflice of God the Father for the fins of mankinde ; here is a wonderful High Priefl now, that hee fhould come. and offer fuck a Sacrifice that fhould bee of fuck infinite merit and worth as it was. 6 .Yea , and bee was wonderful,, becaufe that hee did offer himfeif , not onely his blood, but himfelf , foul and body, hee made himfelf a Sacrifice , .gone of the Prices did