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86 0$ the Exedleiscy of cbri fi. broiel ?09 b. 40 ál e,,Sbake *wood SSir,t, efered;hi.*jel f ,rithout fpO,t to God ; he offers his body and foul as it were upon his Divine Nature , that as the Altar did _fanaifie the Offering, &the Divine Nature of Chriff did fan&ifie the offering of his ,Humane Nature, fo that he indeed became both the Altar, a _tí the Sacrifice. 8 And then- fjrther, Chrift iS wonderful in his - Priet}ly Office, and t <i6 n this,. That he offered but gone Sa, * fiç , and ar one tiniest. stoW.the iPriells ,informer titne,si ey Offered inan Sheri s and they offered cdten.; but ;now if you would read of Chriffs Priefily Office, read efpeci ally the feventh, eighth, and ninth Chapters of the . Epif}le to the Hebrews, and there you fba1+Auve,3s much alined .at in all the Scripture ,befides, of the Prie ily Office of ' Jefu.4 Ghrif} ; The Prief}s in the Lan/ they offered-often, but Chrifl offered but once, and having but once offered bee its, down in glory, upon his offering of himfelf but oncebe« fore the Father it was-available for ever, for .fo the Scrip- ture tells us in divers piacesvf the Hebrews;, and hee was able to fave to the uttermai}, upon his once offering, of him - felf. And then further, Chrift is wonderful in his Prieffly Of- fice in this, which is as much as in any thing, and that is, that he cloth now exercife it in heaven at the-right hand of the Father 'by_his intercétfion, for fo the Scripture faith in the eighth of the Hereiiis y That we hive foch.an high Prief$, who is, fit on the, right hand of theihrone of the Malefty in the heavens, and t ereheis making interceflion. As the Prieff (.yo4 Imow ) ; in: the time, of the Lew dìdc, eiercife his Prielily Office, not only by offering Sacrifice, but by going into the Holydf1- kilies, and there had the names of the Tribes ingraven upon hisbrel}, and fo prefented them _b- foreQod, and made interceí ìom for a1# the Tribes; OAT Chrift he is our wonderful High Rita, for he having ,oieu red himfeIf a Sacrifice to the Juf}ice of his Father, bee is gone to Heaven, and hath the names of all Beleevers upon, his brefi,upon his heart, and there prefents them all -More his