Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on she Excellency of Chrift, fruit of the death of Chrift, that thofe things which con- cern the Saints come to bee opened and made known unto the n, and Chrift cannot plead to his Father, and -fay, that thöu gaveft me the charge of fuch and fuch, but they were dull and could not learn, and therefore that is the 'fecund thing. z That the dulnefïe cannot hinder, whether they have ílrong parts, or weak parts, it is all one to the teaching of Jefus Chrift,, it may br a hinderance to a Miniflers teach- ing, but if they come under the teaching of Jefus Chrift, it. is all one,whether Itrong'parted,,'or: weak parted, it makes no difference at all ; and there is one Scripture that loth declare the. faithfulneffe of Chriah in his Office, and an in- finite treafury of comfort it is to the Saints ; in the fif- teenth.of John, verf. r ç. there is ,_an expretlion of ,the Pro- phetical Office of `Chrift, faith .Chrifl there, Henceforth I call you not fervants,, for the fervant k ooweth not what his Lord. doch.; but I have called you friends, for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known unto you. Jefus Chrih knows the counfels of his Father perfealy, and all. his will and mind ; now faith he, all-things that I have known of the Father, that is; thát- concerns you to know, there is, nothing that I have knownof- my father from eternity, that any way . concerns you to know; but I have revealed it to you Chrif} he is the Prophet of his Church; to reveal to thy foul, if thou beefl a beleever, whatfoever he knowes of his Father, alithofe treafures of wifdome, and counfels of his'Father concerning thy, eternal eflate, Chrif} is-de- fignedby his Father to make thee things known unto thee; firfl or lafl thou mutt come to know what thou art capable to know. Oh how wonderful is_ Chrifl in this Prophetical Office of his, to;undertake;to teach 'all the ele& from the beginning of theworld to the end; this indeed is the rea- fon why Many poor weak people dòe- underhand more of Chrift. than many learned,.men; döe ; you will fay,, We never can beleeve it, that fuch päor ignorant peoplelhould underhand things of religion better than Learned nnen4 and greatßa5,biés. Thou