Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

-Om the excellency of. Chrif . 63 Thou fpeakeft .ignorantly, and carnally, thou doll not underfland what the. Prophetical. Office of Jefus Chrift do.h mean, for Gad the Father bath anoynred Jefus Chrift to come to inftru& his elea ones in all the myílery of god - line %, -and whatfoever he -bath heard from the- Father bee tells them. When God the Father fent Chrift into the World,he faith; Gee your way ; and this is the charge that I lay upon you, that whatfoever you have heard of me from all eternity, &ft or Lail, reveal it to thofe fouls ; it is a wonderful benefit that the Saints have by this Prophetical Office of Chrift.; and this is fpoken to his Difciples, not as eminent only, but .he calls them friends, in the fourteenth verfe, And all thing,t that I have heard. of my Father I have made known to you ; here is the. fruit of Chrifts friendlhip you are my friends, and here is the fruit of my love to you; he doth not fay, I have called you friends, therefore I will give you great poífetfons in the World ; no, but I'have called you friends, for all things that I have heard of my Father I have made known .to you ; -for Jefus Chrift to make known thefe bleffed things that he hash heard of the Father,- that are kept from the wife of the world , this is the fruit of Chrifls friendfhip; therefore though Chrift loth not give you Poffeffìons in the world, though you bee -poor and mean, yet you May dear friends to JefusChrift. Q How (hall I ¡UM th.r ? A. Why? if Chrift reveals to -your fouls thofe great thing's of eternal life that he huh heard from the Father, ce ly you are the friends of Jefus Chrift ; oh that wee còuld' exercife our faith- in this Prophetical, Office..of Chrift, its which he is wonderful,; 'when you would exercife faith up- on Chriíl, exercife your faith- upon him as a Prophet ; Lord,, I am weak. and dull, but-Lord thou haft anoynred th ;ne own Son to revealunto me thy will,as much as concerns my everlafling good ; look upon Jefus Chriíl as the -won ler of the world in all thofe things, in his Kingly, Prieftly, and Prophetical Office, and then doe you honour the Son of God as the Son of Goal, when you loo's thus-Upon him And N 3 then.