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94 on the Excellency of Cbri ft. then another Scripture wee have in soh.17.8. I have git to unto them the words which thou gavefl mee , and they have re- ceived them , and have known farely that I came out from thee and they have beleeved that thou didfifend mee. When I was in thy bofume from eternity , thou gave(} mee fuch words, and diddell put this upon mee, that I fhould reveal thy will to fuch and fuch , and every particular one was mentioned unto Chrifi, whom fuch words should bee made known too ; faith Chrifi, I have done it , I have given unto them the words which thou gavel? wee , and therefore Chrili bee is called the Word efpecially in regard of his Prophe- tical Office , The Word was made Flefh, the Word was God ; Chrifi comes to reveal the minde of his Father unto the children of men; as by the words of a man, the minde and counfels , and thoughts of a man come to bee made known, fo Chrifi was the Word of God ; though I fay ndt that this is all the fenfe from that , but there is a higher fenfe; but this is one thing aimed at,that by him the counfels of God come to bee made known to the children of men, therefore Chrifi faith , That no man l¿nows the Father but the Son, and him to whom the Son (hall reveal him : Hee comes to reveal God to the children of men. And that may bee a third particular. 3 The wonder of Chrifis Prophetical Office , his in the great things that hee is fent to reveal , in the high things, the fupernatural things , things that are fo infinitely above the reach of reafon. Let a man bee elevated unto the greatefi height of reafon , hee is not able to reach into the myfleries of godlinefs, no, as the Apolile faith in a place in the Corintitars before twined , it mull bee the Spirit of God that fearches the deep things of ,Cod ; now this is the Spirit of God that is fent from the Father and the Son, that fearches the deep things of God, they are deep, high, fupernatural , glorious things that Jefus Chrifi doth dif- cover ; Oh' there are ünfearchable riches, the Apofile calls the Gofpel , 1/nfearchable riches , rich things that have no footfteps at .all in the creature; wee can never come by any know-