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on the Excellency of Chrifl, 95 knowledge that wee can have from the creature, to under- hand chofe things There is nothing written in the book of Nature, in the great book of Gods Creation and Provi- dence, not one letter written of the glorious things of the Gofpel : Now thefe are the things that Chrift is wonder- ful ìn, to reveal thing; that. are fo high , and fo wonderful and glorious therefore in Luke 4.22. When Chrift was performing that Prophetical Office of his, the Text faith, That all wondered at the gracious words that proceeded out of his moat,h ; as if they fhould fay , Oh here are wonderful things indeed, thefe are ferret things indeed that wee were not taught , they all did wonder at the gracious things that proceeded out 96, his mouth. - It is true, before Chrift was Incarnate, there was fomewhat of the myftery of the Go - f and our fore - fathers that were faved , were faved by e Gofpel but the knowledge of the glorious my- aeries of the Gofpel were kept hid till that great Prophet fhould come into the _world , and that is a fpecial reafon why all the time before the Incarnation of jells Chrift,, there was fo little knowledge ; God, and the way of eter- nal life was known fo little, becaufe the Lord would referve' the Revelation of hiinfelf, and thole great Counfels of his Will concerning mans eternal eftate , hee would referve . them for the great Prophet to come to reveal, and, when Chrift came, then broke forth light into the world ; and as Chrift comes to any place, fo there breaks forth the laah_ of thole glorious fupernatural things that are above the reach of reafon , yea fuch things as Angels could never have tn- derftood , therefore I remefnber it is fail in one place, That thofe things are made known to Angels by the Gofpel, the Lord, fending his Minifters in his Name to preach thofe things froth Chrift, that fo the Angels come to underhand further things in the myfiery of the Gofpel, than they did before ; therefore. they are thing, above the reach of any mens under(tanding whatfoever. 4 And efpecially, it tvill make the Prophetical Office of Chril wonderful , if wee adde to ttjis a fourth confi- deration,,