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Oft the ExcedeseEy of dirty!. 97 .Matth.t r.25,z7. you 111111 fee what a wonderful thing it is made , even this difpenfation, of Chrifls Prophetical Office, in verf.z;.. and fo on. At that time Jefus vxfwered and Paid, 1 than,thee O Father, Lard of Heaven and Earth, becaufe thou haft hid thefe things from the wile and prudent and haft revealed them nto Babes. Now that the Father did hide them from the wife of the world , and revealed them unto babes , it was by Chrift, though hee thanks the Facher,and that it was done byChrift it appears in verf.zg. All things are delivered to mee of my Father , and no Mali knoweth the Son, but the father, neither knoweth any man the Father fave the Son , and hee to whom the Son will reveal him. All things are delivered to mee fo that Chrif} lyre makes the revelationof God unto babes , to bee the fruit of Gods delivering up all things ro him; All things are deli- vered to riser, and no man,nowerh the Father but the Son,and him to whom the Son will reveal him ; fo that Chri ll having received all power from the Father , upon this it is that. there babe; come to have fuch under(landirig in the myfle- ries of godlinefs , and the wife of the world never corne to underfland. And then that is very remarkable as wee go along, that upon this ground Jefus Chrií} doth invite fouls to come to him, Come unto mee axyee that labour, and are heavy laden, and 1 will give you refs, As if hee fhould fay thus, Conceive now as if Jefus Chriil were preaching now perfonally to you , and bee were laying thus to you , All power is com- mitted to mee by the Fatherland as a fruit of this, that the Father bath committed to mee,I do reveal him to whom I pleafe,- and none can know the Father but by mee , I have the difFenfation of all the Creatures of wifdorne , and the revelation of al! the myfieries of eternal life from my Fa- ther ; -Oh therefo_e come to mnce , come to mee all yee thatlabour and are heavy laden ;- you labour under the burden of your ignorance,- perhaps you complain, o alas, I do tot know 4 a od , nor understand the great myfleries of fal- vation ; I pray, and gear, and yet I Cannot come t4 under- () Rani ..1