Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

!S on the Excellency of Cbrl. Band what God is , Why come to mee faith Chrit+, for all things are given to mee, and if I reveal the Father, you (hall know him; therefore all you that labour and are heavy laden , all you that fee the need you have of the knowledge of my Father , and of the way of eternal life, come to mee, and I will reveal thefe things unto you and fo will bring rea unto your fouls. Wonderful is Chrit in the way of his Adminit+rations, and that is another conti- deration in the Prophetical Office of Chrif+. 5 But further, Chrif +is a wonderful Prophet in this,, that hee reveals things many times fuddenly , fee is not bound to thofe wayes that any man or Angel is bound to; if a man or Angel would come to inf+rua others in the truths of the. Gofpel , they muff inf+rua them by degrees, to undert+and one thing at once, and another at another time , and fo de- du& one thing from another in that way , but Chrif+ fee can make known the things of eternal life in an infant to the foul. Whofoever comes to Chrif, mut+ bee convinced of fin, and bee emptied of himfelf , and bee humbled, all there ti,:ngs are in every foul that comes to Chrit +; now all thefe things may by one beam of light bee wrought that Jefus Chrif (hail let into the foul, As an Apothecary may get the very duinteffence of al i herbs in one drop , though you cannot fee the herbs : fo Jefus Chrif I fay, fometirnes ny one beam of light lets in hundred truths into the foul, fo that they do apprehend the fubfance of all thofe parti- culars that are fpoken of , and there is a proportionable work upon their hearts to bring them to Chrif+ ; is not this a wonderful workof Chrii +? than a man that hath been an ignorant, fottilh blinde creature, a prophane ungodly man, hating all godlinefs , perhaps fee comes to hear a Sermon meerly to fcorn, as many have done, this man comes in the very heat of his wickednefs , fo that a man would wonder that forne fruit of Gods wrath comes not from heaven to frike him into the bottomlefs pit, yet it may bee at this very Sermon, there fBall bee tome one beam of light dart - ed into his fpirit, that may work his foul to heaven, poflibly, if b;