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on the Excellency of Chri jt, 99 if hee fhould dye at that inflant; though it is true, ordina- rily God begins to air firfl, and doth it not all at once, but yet fometimes fome that corne into a Congregation moil ignorant and fottifh, and know no other God but Mammon and lulls , and yet coming to the word, at one inflant God darts in that light into his fpirit, as this man comes to have his heart turned to God, and comes to know his mifery, and to know the way of falvation, and the Covenant of Grace, but not diftináIy. It may bee after this beam of light is darted in, God may come over again diflin; tIy, and reveal to him his miferable elate by nature , and humble him more , and fo hee may have a little glimpfe of this at one Sermon , and a little mofe at another but at that very in- flant there may bee that let into the heart, that pot-illy may unite the heart to Jefus Chrifl, and fave it if it fhould dye at that prefent ; here is a wonderful work in the Pro- phetical Office of Jefus Chrifl. 6 And then Chrifl is wonderful in his Prophetical Of- fice, in this, he teaches the heart; no men, nor Angels, can teach the heart, but Jefus Chrifl ; though men, or.. Angels may prefent truths before another man, and fo convince the underflanding, yet there is no men, nor Angels, can bee able to fay thus, I will fo make known fuch a truth to this man or woman, as I will gain his heart by it, it (hall trans- form his heart into the very image of that truth that I fhall prefent unto him, no man, nor Angel can do it ; but Chrifl hee teaches fo as no man teaches , job 36. 22. Behold God exalteth by his power , who teacheth like him ? Now God teacheth by Chrifi in the adminiftration of his Prophetical Office. Man may come and tell us,this and the other thing ought to bee done Oh but who teaches like Jefus Chrií+? none teaches the heart but Jefus Chrifl, lob 3 8. 36. who bath put wifdome in the inward parts, or who hath given an- d ertanding to the heart ? certainly none living , no Angel can do it, not no man can do it , it is onely Jefus Chrifl in the adminiflration of his Prophetical Office , it is hee that reaches , and prevails with the heart when hee comes with p 2 truths