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i oo oss' the Zxcellency'ofChri ft truths , therefore when you fee people come to hear many truths, and fit under a clear and diftindl Minif }ry that opens many truths unto them it may bee many will get brain- knowledge that (hall make them to confer about, thofe truths, but yet not changed : you will fay, What fhould bee the reafon why they that have fo much knowledge live wickedly? why here is the ground , Jefus Grill hee bath not exercifed this Prophetical Office of his fo far upon theta, to over-power their hearts , Here is the reafon why fuch men have had knowledge in the brain , and yet lived wickedly a long time yet if they belonged to Chrifl, at fome or time they roall come to hear the Word of God, they fhall hear the very fame truths they heard be- fore, and perhaps delivered in a weaker manner than they have heard it , and yet their hearts (hail bee a hundred times more wrought upon at that time than ever they were wrought upon before. Sometimes a man comes by acct- ,dent into a Congregation , and hears a Minifter upon fuch a fub;e& , and it may bee a Miniaer by the by fpeaks of fornething that hee little thought of perhaps: before hear came up, and this man hath heard the fame truth largely handled,perhaps many Traaates about it heretofore,and his heart never touch'd,but now hearing it mentioned by the by . his heart is mightily wrought upon,and he goes away, and faith,Verily God is in this place. What is the reafon? why here Chrifl fpeaks to the heart, and before man only fpoke to the ear,this is a wonderful, thing in the PropheticalOfiïce of Chrift, that hee fpeaks to the heart; and thus íhould wee exercife oúr faith upponChtifl in this,when wee come to the Word,look upon Chrift by the eye of faith as the great Pro- phet of the Church , that reaches fo.as no man teaches, that loth not onely fpeak unto the ear,bur fpeaks unto the heart. 7 Further, Chrift is wonderful inhis Prophetical Office in this , In that bee teaches immediately himfelf; indeed hee doth teach mediately,that is by his Miniflers, therefore you (hall finde 4£í.z.1. there St. Luke fpeakingof Chrifls teaching.when hee.lived here upon the earth, faith' hee. in