Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the excellency-of chrifi. in verf.t. The former Treatife have I made, O Theophilus, of al1that Jefus began both to do and teach ; why Luke is hee that writ the Gofpel, and the A6 s , hee writ the fumme of what Chrift did teach in the whole courfe of his life , and yet here bee tells us that hee did make a Treatife; and drd relate what Jefus Began to do and teach ; if one fhould have faid to Luke, Why,, did you not relate all that Jefus did do, and preach? why Chria is dead now. But the mean- ing is this,That indeed all that Chrin did preach perfonally when Mee was here in the world , it was but a Begins ng Chrifl was-to teach afterwards to the end-of the-world; and that hee was to do partly by his Mininers that fhould bee to the end of the world , hee do.h exercife his Prophetical Of- fice by them. And by the way, whenfoever you come to-hear any Mi- ni11er.of.Godto reveal any thing of the Gofpel to you, you are to look upon it as Chrift exercifing his Prophetical Of- fice in thisway ; hee is wonderful in teaching in this ,- that hee doth not ònely by inilruments , but immediately him - felfmany times ; where there is want. of'means; wee may there expeót Jefus Chrift immediately to reveal the Will of his Father tothofe fouls that do belong to Elution. 8 And then Chrifl is .wonderful in .teaching , for hee teaches infallibly,which none can do. Likewife many other particulars might bee named in the wonder of Chrifts Pro -, phetical Office, but time doth flip mee, therefore wee will proceed to the next thing in the wonder of Chrifl , one.ly; take this along with you , That in your beleeving iii Jefus Chrifl,you mutt beleeve in him as Chrii ,that is Anointed by the. Father, King, Prieft, and Prophet ; and when you exer -- cite your faith upon him in all thefe three of his Offices then you will know what it is rightly to beleeve indeed. But to go. on.,. '3 'F,H E.' ioz