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,..._--=_---- 102 on the Excellency of Cbri /t. 0.1:Ag kAAfAAWA00,WWWOMA tetra mud twa cera tra teva tea *lta tero salta tila m E MN 5V55. 1071VRATEVI RVIPErftiorgalioVVitriolVVVIrrit The Third SERMON ON The Excellency of Chrift. Ifaiah 9. 6. And his Name fhak' bee called Wonderful. Chri Ft Wonderful in his Miracles. Hrift is wonderful in the Miracles that bee cßÿ 4 wrought here in the World while hee lived ; ,\u3 in the fecond of Alts, verf. zz. Tee noon of Ifrael hear thefe words, e fus of Nazareth, a er man approved of God among you, by Miracles, Wonders, and Signs which God did by him In the midfi of2es, as yee your felves alfo know. Never did any come into the World to work fuch great Miracles and Wonders as Chrift did, and indeed all that ever did Miracles and Won- ders, they did doe them by Jefus Chrifi. jofephus that was no great friend to Chrifi, bee was a Jew) and did not ac- knowledge Chrifi to be the Meffias, yet he writing the Story of chore times, could not but take notice of fuch an one as ,Chril1 ; bee did profe{fe, that at fuch a time there was a Wife