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et, et, c4!ta . tieXt, tivto et til11? oit, et, o*.t, *!U'r 04 1 4 p W 4 ¡04 A THE CONTENTS O F T H E EXCELLEACT of CHRIST. Oherence of the words. 49, 50 learefl Prophecies of Chrifl, when the. Church was in the greatefl ßrefs. $0 Four Reafons of it. 501 51 Five notable and famous Titles of Chnifl. S y D. Chriti is the great wonder of the world.. proved 5 z, 53, 54 Thirteen things, in, and concerning Chrifl, that are wonderful. i ¡lee is wonderful in his Natures,God and Man. 56,5 ?r58 2 Wonderful in his Natures. Two wonders in Chrißian Religion. 59 The Lord of man- k,inde, the Son of NI an, 6o The knowledge of the union of the two Natures, how a help to Faith. 61 3 Chrifl is wonderful in the manner of his Incarnation. 63 4 Chrafl is wonderful in his works. What the work was Chrifl came about,' ilfe of ¡t. Chr fl wonderful in his Offices; bee was the Anointed. 71. Wonderful in his Kingly Office. 69 Hee is over all Kings. 71. His power is univerfal. ib. makes his fubíeth, his fubjeas do not make him, ib. leas of this Icing are for him. To It is this King a 65 ib. 67 69, King Hee Sub - alone that