Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chrift. Wife man did arife, which they did call by the Name of Je- fus, that did work a great many Miracles ; and faith he, If ofephxeAneicl: it be lawful to call him a Man. He was afraid to call him a B, s. e, 4 man, becaufe of the wondrous things that he did. But if any of you fay, How (hall wee bee able to know certainty the truth of all thofe Miracles that bee did ? wee read in the Gofpel how great things Chrift did ; how he caí} out Devils, and cured the Blinde and Lame, and raifed up the Dead, and the like, but how can we know the truth of them ? For the anfwer.of that, Aufine bath this, Either all thofe things are true, or they are not true ; if they be, then bee is confirmed to be the Meflìas ; but if they be not true, then faith he, this is the greaten Miracle of all, that fuch a fuper- natural Dostrin as that is, to beleeve in him that was cruci- fied, to fave the World, and for men to venture their fouls and eternal elates upon this, without having this to bee . confirmed by Miracles at firft, this is the greateft Miracle of all.; but we will paffe by that,only note it as we goe,that Chrift was wonderful in all the Wonders that bee wrought while he lived. Chrift wonderful in his Glorious indowments: and excellency of his Perfon. But further, Chrift he is the Wonder of the World, in regard of thole glorious endowments and excelterici_e of his- - Perfon, thofe Perfonal endowments and excellencies that he had; and herein he is the Wonder of the World. Now the endowments and excellencies of Jells Chrift they are great and glorious, Thou art fairer than the children of men. Ft is he that received the Spirit without meafure, it is he that had the Treafures of wifdome and knowledge dwel- ling in him bodily, and he mull needs bee the Wonder of the. World ; that Scripture in the fecond of the Coloffzans, loth thew unto us what a wonderful Saviour we have, it is :uch an expreflion that had wee not had it from the. Holy