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104 On the Exccllency of Chrifi. Ghoft we fhould never have dared to have ,vetittired upon s'in Çal. z. 3.' Ln. whomaréh ¿doll- tóre- .,tredf'r .c of wifdopte and knowledge ; and then in serf. 9. roe in him dwelleih all the fulneffe of she Godhead bodily ; what an high ex- prefïion is here? All the fulneffe of the God -head Both dwell bodily in Jefus Chrift ; furely he bath excellent endowments then, he is filled with glorious things, his Human Nature- I is elevated and inlarged to the highest capacity that a Crea -, ture can have tò receive excellency. And. God hath - raifed up the Humane Nature of Chrift to fhew how high he is ble to elevare a Creature, and make it capable for the re- ceiving of Glory, that he might declare it to Angels and Sainrs CO all eternity ; I fay, mans nature_ is raifed to that height, that God might to all eternity make known to the Angels and Saints this thing, and fay, Behold to what a height is mine infinite power able to raife a Creature, to be capable of happineffe? Therefore Chriits Human Na- ture is fo raifed, and our nature in him, which fhould be a wonderful comfort to us, that our nature- friould be raifed, to fo much glory in Chrift. And a great argument to us, to take heed of the abufe of Humane Nature, of thy Body, and of thy Soul ; oh that ever any one should bee given up to that fottifhneffe, that is, a man that bath Humane nature in him, that fhould look after no greater good than meetly to eat, and drink, and play, and fatisfie his -lift; dolt thou know oh Creature that thy nature is raifed to fuch an height of excellency, that God might declare to- Angels and men v hat his power teas äble to doe ? and fhalt thou that halt a*,. font Nature, that art a kin ( as it were ) Chrifl, ¿halt, thou bee fo bare and vile, to mind thy filthy and bafe Tufts, and mind no.higher good than this? the very thought of the r.aißnf, qut Nature in Chrrilt,: it is a mighty argument to raife, up the thoughts of one. that is.a man, to a higher pitch than ever they have beeñ;- ,thitík thus, certainly my nature is capable of force higher gd than meetly to ear and drink, and p'. ay, and ìó'h-ave .alittle Many here for a while ; why pow that