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On the Excellency of Cbri ft. lc that fhewes the perfonal excellency and endowments of Chrift in general, that all the fulnefs of the God-head doth dwell bodily in him, and therefore Chrift bee is called the Character, .and the ingraven formof the Image of God, in the firtt of the Hebrews-; it is 110C faid fo of man; though man be faid to be made according to Gods Image, yet it is Ni never laid of him, That he is the brightneffe of Gods glory, ánd the expreffe Image of his Perfon, fo as it is faid of Çhriil ; and in the Colofsians you have mighty high èxprel` lions about the Perfonal excellency of Chrift, Chap. 1. i 5. Who is the Image of the inviable God, the firfl born of every Creature ; and then he is the beginning of all things, ver.; 8. He is the Image of the invifible God, as God and man, for fo I mull fpeak of him ; he is the Image of the invifible God in another manner, and more fully, than any creature is, or pollìbly can be, for Jefus Chrifl, rake him God and Man, he hath the very character and ingraven form of whatfoever glory there is in the Father ; I fay, take him as God and Man, as thus, hee bath an ,omnipotency in him, therefore it is faid in the third of the Philippi s latter end, who /hall change our veld belie that it may be fafhioned like unto his glo- rious body,(how)according to the working whereby he is able even to fubdue all things unto himfelf. Now this is a great Myftery ofgodlineffe, that God -Man fhould have an Oinnipotency in him; and then likewife he hath the expreffe Image of all the knowledge of God for as he is God-man,he is made the Judge of all the World, and hee will bee the Judge, not meerly as he is God, but as God and Man ; now feeing hee is the Judge of all the World bee mull have an infinite knowledge he muff know the hearts of men, and all the works, of men ; and he mull have an infinite Holineffe and Jufcice that mull judge all the World. And thus God -man bath an expreffe Character of the Attributes of God, which none elfe bath ; and then he bath an expreffe charaler of the Immenfityof God. If you fpeak of his Body, it cannot be every where, but God Man is in ail places ;_thus you have it in the third of John, verf. 13. it, is a very flrange P expref-