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toy Os the Excellency of Chri fE, e\pretllon , and it can never bee underflood but by under - f}anding the perfonal union of the two Natures. Why at that time hee was fpeaking to them there upon the earth, and yet faith hee, The -Son of man which is in heaven, Au this time bee that is the Son of man is in heaven , his body could not bee in two places at once , but God-man was then in heaven. Thus you fee the excellency of Chrifi, in being the ch ark:ter of the Father, and having the. Divine Attributes in him in another manner than any crea- ture in the world could have that is a meer creature. And then further, this perfonal excellency of Chrifi will appear, when wee confider how C hrifl comes to have thofe excellencies , that bee bath them all by vertue of the perfonal union. The humane Nature alone it is but a crea- ture if you take it ; But now this humane nature is filled with all excellency from the Father; and indeed the Father is the fountain of all firfliy ; there excellencies that Chrifi hath, they come from the perfonal union_ im- mediately ; now God unto other creatures gives them as it were of bounty out of himfelf , hee doth confer from him- felf, hee puts forth an aa of power for the bellowing of fuch and filch excellencies upon fuch creatures , but when the humane nature of Chrifi was to bee filled with fuch excellencies,it is by taking of the humane nature of Chrifi into himfelf,as wee fay concerning fight.Philofophers have a difpute whether it bee by taking in the fpecies,or by fending out fomething from the eye. This may a little refemble this great myflery , there are come things that God bellows by fending out from himfelf , other excellencies hee bellows . by taking in to himfelf : Now all other creatures, Angels and men (but onely the humane nature of Chrifi) have all the excellency that they have by Gods fending out from himfelf ; but now all the indowments of Jefus Chrifi, and a1í.kis excellencies, hee hath them all from God taking of him into himfelf, that is, in a pefonal union , not taking, him into communion with himfelf as his Saints , but caking,: hint into a perfonal union , and fo comes to have all ex- cellencies