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on the Excellency of Chrift. _0i cellencies in another manner than any other creature can potlïbly have. Thirdly , Chritl is wonderful, take him God and man,in this , That all his perfonal excellencies that bee bath, de-. pend upon himfelf; hee is Independent, the excellency that Chritls humane nature bath , it is, I fay, Independent in. this, that is, it depends upon his perfon ; there is no de- pendence of the excellency that Chrift bath, but upon the very perfon of Chrift himfelf , all depends upon him, for hee faith of himfelf , That hee bath life in himfelf , fo you have it in Job. 5. it is fpoken concerning Chriils ex- Jolt cellency there, For as the Father bath life in himfelf, fo bath hee given to the Son to have life in himfelf. Indeed the Son is from the Father by an eternal generation;but now though hee bee firaly from the Father , yet now the Son hash life in himfelf, yea and eternally bee had life in himfelf, and fo what excellency the humane nature bath, it daub depend upon its own perfon , which is a higher and a more glorious Way of having excellency, than it is potlible for any thing elfe to have. q. And then in the fourth place, hence Chriíl, even God man , hee comes to bee worthy of Divine honour , Divine honour is due to Jefus Chrift that is God -man ; there is no creature can partake of Divine honour by coming never fo near to God, but onely the humane nature of Grill being perfonally united Let a childe of God, a Saint, bee ne- ver fo holy , becaufe hee comes to partake of fo much ex- cellency of holinefs, bee is not therefore to partake of Di- vine honour; nor an Angel; but now Chriíl, God and man, the very humane nature joyned with the Divine in one per- fonal union , comes to (bare in the Divine honour that is due to him both God and man , and it is a wonderful Work of God to bring that that is in its felf but a creature, to come to have a fhare in Divine honour. f And then Chrift is wonderful in this , that hence flee i$ an infinite objet of the Delight of his Father, not onelyy as hee is eternally begotten of the Father, but as hee is P 2 both