Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the .xcellency.of Chrift, both God and man, Thy is . ofy. beleved Son in whom I am well ?leafed I am pleated fully in him , Jefus Chrif{ is an objeSt even adequate to the very heart of God the Father; Oh how should wee rake content in him ! certainly if hee bee fo excellent as hee is, as to give full .farisfa&ion to God the Father, then hee mayvery well give full fatisfa ti- oil to your fouls.. Yea, and God the Father manifefts his fatis£ae}ion fo fully in him, that hee hath made him to bee heir of all, things, Hcb.t.2. and therefore .hee is faid,_ to bee the be- ginning of all things, all do fubfifl by him. Yea, and furrher,there is that fatisfaetion that the Father hath in him , that, God the Father did make all things for his fake; I fay, all things in the world are made 'for the fake of Jefus Chrif} , Angels are made for his fake, and this world, and feas, all the work that everGod did, or will do to all eternity , it was for the fake of Jefus Chrift , that God the Father might honour himfeif in Jefus Chrill ; that Text is very full for that , and wee need no more, in Col. Li t 6. All things were created by him , and for him. So that; God bath- a higher end in creating the world than you think for ,God did not onely create that hee might manifef} that hwe was a mighty God , and merciful; and bountiful, and the like, but God had a higher end when hee, -made the world, it was to. advance his Son, when hee made the An- gels, God would never have made them,-but for the honour of his Son. . Oh what infinite caufe have wee to honotir Jefus Chrifl; Oh how happy are they that: live to the honour of Jefus Chrift , by whom God may have glorybeyond a natural way ! did you confider this that you were made for the - ho- nour of Jefus Chritt, and the honour that God the Father would, have from you is this, that you fhould& live to the . honour of his Son, and all other honour that you give un- to God, except it bee in order to his So. n,it is not accepted, I fay, whatfoever honour any man or woman doth endea- vour to giver() God, is not accepted of him, but in relax; tion