Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

Oa the Excellency of Cbrift, tion to the honour of Jefus Chrifl; therefore if you look at God in a nicer natural way , and honour, and worfhip him never fo much,asthe.heathens did, all this would no: do but now that honour that God hach to reference to his Son , when a poor firmer is fenfible of the breach that fin hail made between him and the infinite God, and comes to fee jefus Chrill, and feeks to advance jefus Chrirl by faith', I faithGod, here is the honour that I would have. And there- fore when all the elegy ones that were given to Jefus Chrill to redeem, when they are all converted and brought to jefus Chrill, the world will fall about our ears, why, be- caufe faith God , I have the end that I made the world fo:, and now I have brought in al that do belong to my Son,and all thofe works -by which my Son will come to.have his honor eternally are done,let there be an end of the world,and the end of the world is like to be the fooner now; beca ife that we feeGod is doingfo much for the fetting up of JefusChri t in this latter age, AS when a mans time is alinoft at an end for his work ; then hee Both work more fpeedily than bee did before; now faith God, I have made the world for the ho- nour of my Son, but yerto this day how little honour batir my Son had from the world? and there is a time, faith God; . that I will manifell to all the world that I did make it for jefus Chrill , hee did not make it. for a company of Ty-- rants to do what they would in , nor for a company of pro - phane people , to eat and drink and follow their lufts in, but the end at which God aimed at in making the world faith bee, I will fet up my Son in the world , and all the works that ever 'have- been done in the world , thall at length come in to conduce to the honour of my Son: And this fhatl bee the great work that shall bee done at the Day of Judgement, hee Will thew to all the world how all" thofe works that did feem to go moll againrl jefus Chrifl , how they were brought about for the honour of Jefus Chrifl : oh bleffed are thole fouls that come to fee that all things were made for the honour of Jefus Chrifl , and fo give glory to liitn- accordingly. Thus you fee what P 3 won 109