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The Contents. that mak es Laws ib +weft. Can there bee no Laws added for decency and or- der in the Church? Anfreered. 72, 73 Chrifi is Toth a King, thole foveraignty is abfolute. 74 lice bath power to bode-. confsience. ib Chrifts Kingly power reaches to mens hearts. ib. Cbrifl is-wonderful.in his ICingly oice, in this hee bath A i perfell knowledge of alibis fubjei7s. 75 Is prefent with them in all adminiftrations , hee over -rules all the plots and coup fell of his enemies, hee is the Icing of righteoufnefs and peace. 14 Chrift is wonderful in his Kingly office, other Kings are born to bee Kinge,.,but Chrift died that hee might bee King. 77 G hri f is.a King from everlafting to everlafting. 78 ab 'lee fits at his Fathers Throne now at this time. ib. 17 Chri/t will not onely fubjec`t all enemies-, but bee will put down all rule, and all authority. 79 18 wonderful is Chrifi in his Kingly office, for he makes all his fubjells Kings with him, in a fpiritual fenfe. 8o .Exercife of Faith aright is upon Chrift as King. 81 (brut wonderful in his Prieft,y office. 83 x Chrifts Priefthood joyned with Kingly power. ib. 2 All Priefis in the Law did typifie ( hri ft, and ceafe *in him.. 3 Flee needed not to offer for himfelf. 4 Christ offered the blood of God. 83 5. Chrift offered a Sacrifice that was fufficient to fatisf]e God. 84 ,6 Hee is wonderful in that hee offered himfelf. ib. 7 ( brill was not onely a Sacrifice, but an Altar. 85 8 Chrift offered but one ftcri five at one time. 6 9 His Priefthoed indures for ever, 87 Cbrifts Priefthood preferred before Aarons Priefihood. 88,89 Chrift wonderfulin his Prophetical office. 90 /lee knows all the in nd of God perfellly, therefore weft lee a wonderful Teacher. 91 2.Vulnefsofunderflanding, weaknefs of .parts cannot hinder his