Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

114 On the Excellency of Chri fl. that they thought that hue could not bee feen , but it would overwhelm any creature that was in the flefh that fhould fee him; but now mark in that Prophecy that wee have of the times of the Gofpel in Ifa.4o.3. There is a Prophecie of Chrift that is apparent , The voice of him that cryeth in the wildernefs, prepare lee the way of the Lord (which is in exprefs words applied to John the Baptiff the fore- runner of Chrifá ; And in the very fame words) make flreight in the Defart a high way for our God, every valley (hall bee exalted , and every mountain fhall bee made low, and the crooked (hall bee made fireight , and thorough places plain ; Then it follows in the fift verfe, And the glory of the Lord fball bee revealed, and all flefh fhall fee it together; before noman could fee God and live, Flefh was not able to be- hold God , but now w hen the Word was made Flefh when the times of the Gofpel came wherein God would make himfelf appear through his Son more clearly and fully, now all Flefh thall fee it , mall fee the glory of the Lord ; now the glory of God appears wonderfully in Chrift in thefe four or five particulars. The Power of Firfr, The glory of Gods Attributes do íhine more Cod appears brightly in the face of Chrifl than any other wayes ; As for ìuChrift. inflance, The power of God appears infinitely more in- Chrift , than in making heaven and earth: ; for God to unite God and man together in one Perfon , is a greater work than making heaven and earth there is more power of God put forth in the hypoftatical union of the. Natures of Chrifl, betides all the power of God that appears in the great Works that Chrifi did do , and in carrying Chrifl through all thole great Works that hee was carried through, than in making of heaven and earth. There is more power of God appears in the converfion of one foul ro Chrift, than in making heaven and earth Then what power of. God appears in Chrift himfelf ? And the wifdome of God appears more in Chrift, than The W ;fdonme in the creation of heaven and earth. Now for God to finde of God ap out lath a glorious %way of Ke;%nciliation is hue bath rxar5 sz Chrift. found .