Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

120 On the Excellency of Chrsft. to all the Ele &. Now fuppofe there were a glafs that all the beams of the Sun that ever could Thine upon the world, were contra&ed in it, and no beam of the Sun could íhine upon the world but thorow that glafs , firf} it mull come upon the glafs, and hine thorow it, and fo fhine upon the world, furely this glafs would bee very glorious. You may conceive of Chrift thus, Conceive of God the Father as the Sun,and of all his ele& ones as the world,andJefus Chrift as the glafs between the Father,and all the Ele&; now all the beams of love, and mercy,and goodnefs that ever (hall come fromGod upon all his ele& ones,they all come thorow this glafs , thorow Jefus Chrift ; Oh how glorious is Jefus Chrif +,how wonderful is hethen in that glory of the Farherl Fourthly, The glory of the Father is wonderful in him in this, that God the Father attains unto his greatefl de- fign, the great defign that God had, in making of the world, and in the preferving of the world-; I fay, God attains un- to it by his Son, by Jefus Chrift, And that defign would bee loft, if Jefus Chrift did not bring things about for the glory of his Father. God hath made a world for his glory , and hee preferves a World for his glory , but the main defign that God had in making the world, and that hee bath in preferving the world it is to fetch about a great defign that hee bath onely by Jefus Chrift, and there- fore it is that the Father is fo well pleafed'in his Son , be- ciufe that by him hee comes to attain the great defign that hee bath in making the world. .jeß. You will fay, What is that ? AMfw. Truth it is, wee underfland but little of it for the prefent , but wee know in the general it is this That hee might have his ele& ones eternally with himfelf to behold his face, and magnifie him together with Angels for his mercy in Jefus Chrif , that is the great defign that God had ; other men have great deigns in their heads , but the greateft defign that Godbath of all , it is ro fetch about his honour in his Son, and to glorifie himfelf in his ele& ones to all eternity, that is the great defign for which hee made the