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on the Excellency of Chrifl. I; r the world , without which hee would never have made it. And God, as I may fo fay , is well enough fatisfied in the mida of all the difhonour that is :done to him in this wick- ed corrupt world, with this confideracion , Well,but my Son doth drive on inydefign, and this pleafeth mee ; no matter though I bee difhonoured , .though my Name bee never fo much blafphemed in the world , yet my Son carries on my :great defign, and the glory I forefee I (hall have in the ac- complifhment of that great defign of mine,it doth fo pleafe mee, that it is no great matter to mee what wicked , men that belong not to mine Election do. Chrift is wonderful in this , that bee carries on the great defign that God had from all eternjty in making the world. And then lafily , The glory of God is great in ChriP , and therefore wonderful, becaufe it is through him that all the fervices and praifes that God bath from his elect} ones, do all come through him : As there is a refleaion of the glory of God in the defcending of it, when it doth defcend upon the ele& through Chriki , fo in the afcending of it again from beleevers it dorh afcend through Chrif}, there is as great a necefíîcy that when we tender up any ho- nour to God , that it thould come through Chria, as when God lets down any beams of his glory , that that íhould come through Chrift; Chrift is as Jacobs Ladder, for God to come down as it were from heaven to us , and for us to af- cend up to heaven through him , Eph.3.lafi , Vnto him bee glory in the Church `y Chrift Jeftm thoughout all Ages world without end. Unto him bee glory in the ' birch (but how) 6y Chrift Jefus;except the glory that you tender up to God goes through Chrifi,God accounts not hiFnfelf glorified in it; For whatfoever comes from God to you,except it comes through Chrift, it will bee to little purpofe ; fo whatfoever, comes from you unto God , ,except it comes through his Son, it is not accepted of God;therefore oh how wonderful isChrifi in this,That fuch glory of theAttributes of God do thine in him? the greatCounfels,andW orks of God about mans eternal e- Rate are all him.And all the god that God communicates R to