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( I28 on the Excellency of Chriff. to his deft ones , all is through him : And the great de- fign that God had from all eternity, bee doth attain it by his Son. Lanly , All the honour that bee hath from all his ele& ones, it is through his Son. How wonderful is Chritt then in regard of the glory of the Father in him ? onely as wee go along , remember that when wee fet Chris thus before you , wee do it not meetly to your undernandings, that you may conceive thus of Chrift, but as an obje& of -your 'faith, you mutt exercife your faith upon Chris, as fuch a Chrift in whom the glory of the Father loth fo much ap- pear. Chr¿fiz Wonderful in hit Humiliatio, The next thing is, Chris is wonderful in his Humiliation; and indeed this may f em. to bee the greaten Wonder of all, at leal+to our fence it is, efpecially if wee do under - ftand what hash been Paid before of Chris., what a Perlon Chrifl is ; now to hear what wee hear of his Humi- liation, will appear to bee an aniazing,and an aflonifbing Wonder. As fire, The wonder of his Humiliation is in this, That Chris, God and man, as you have heard before, (hould have all the fins of all the ele& t ones from the beginning of the world, to the end of the world laid upon him. For fuch a one as Chrift is, infinitely beloved of the Father, and Pill i.6. elxal with the Father, accounted it no robbery to bee equal with God,yet that he fhould nand before God the Father with all the fins of the Elea charged upon him , fo the Scripture tells us, 2 Cor. 5.2 t . For hee path made him to bee fin for rré, wb , knew no : Hee bath made him to bee fin for us ; for Chris to bee made a wormwas a wonderful Humiliation, but for Chris to bee made fin was a greater Humiliation than to bee made a worm ; furely this mull needs bee a wonder to all the Angels in heaven , for them to fee fuch a one , whom they knew to bee the eternal Sort of God, equal with the Father , to Rand before the Father cloathed as