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The Contents. his teaching. §2 How wee fhall know whether Chilli teach us. 93 3 Chrifi is wonderful in his Prieftly office, in that hee is feat to reveal hash and fupernatural things. 94,9 5 4 Thefe high things are not revealed to the wi fefl and great ones of the world. 96, 97 5 Hee reveals thefe things (many times) fuddenly. 98 6 fefus Chrifl teaches the he .irt, fo bee is wonderful. 7 Chrifl teaches immediately himfelf. Too 8 Chri, fl teaches infallibly, fo hee is wonderful. , lot Chrifl wonderful in his Miracles. 1 o z In the wonders that hee wrought while bee lived. 103 Chrifl wonderful. in his endowments and excellency of his perfon. ib. Fairer than the children of men. ib. All the fulnefs of the God4ead` `in Chrifl. 104 This an Argument to us to take heed of abufing the humane nature of our bodies. ib. Chrif the brightnefsof Gods glory. 105 Chrift bath his exce.lency by virtue of the perfonal union. 206 Chrifl wonderful in this, that all his perfonal excellencies de- pend upon himfelf. 107 Chrig becomes worthy of divine honour. ifs_ Chr fl wonderful in this, that hee is an infinite objeEl o f the delight of has Father. 107, i o 8, 1.o9, C h r t f l w o n d e r f u l in h i s endowments, in this, that his ex- cellencies are in him to bee c o nv e y e d unto his people. 1 i o This fhosald 'bee a Prong Argument to draw our hearts to Chrt fl. Ili Chrifi is wonderful in regard of the glory of the Father that 'hires in him. 112,113 Firfl, The glory of Gods Attributes fhines in Chrifl, as for :aflance, Power. ii *: Wifdo.we. i'). Holinefs. 11 , ;Nice . 115. Mercy. I 16. Truth. 1 I 7 2 .Th, glory ofth, great couifel and work,! of God appears inChp, 11 a 3 3 Ale