Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

za I On the Excellency of Chri . I 2 3 at it were with all the fins of the Eleet. Wee read in Zech.3. a kinde of type of this , in verf.3. of Joihaa the ,Sigh Prieff, he was, cloathed withfilthy Garments, and flood before the 4,gel, fo Jefus Chrifl Hands cloathed with filthy Garments , bee that is cloathed with 1tiajeiy and Glory, yet ,hee muff come and Rand cloathed with filthy Garments before the Father. For one to bee cloathed with filthy garments, and yet to bee in force roan alone, that no body should fee hitn,is no great matter, but to fee a great Prince to come out before the world cloathed with filthy gar - ments, it is a very great humiliation : But Chrifl that was infinitely above all the Princes in the world , bee come and Elands before Men and Angels yea before God him - felf cloathed with thefe filthy garments. For a man to have fin upon him before other men it is no great matter,but for him to come into the prefence of God with fin upon him,it is a terrible thing. But now the Son of God muff do it, bee comes into the prefence of the Father , and Rands with all the fins of the Eleé} upon him , what an objeó}.is here of Wonder ? Lather calls Chrift the greatefl limier that ever was in the world , I confefs that is tomewhat hard, for it was but charged upon him , but his meaning is onely this that I am fpeaking of : Chrift had not onely the fins of David , his Murther and Adultery , and denial of Peter , and the like , but all the fins of a'1 the ele& ones , from the beginning of the world, to the end of the world, which they were , or fhould bee guilty of, charged upon him. Secondly, The _wonder of Chrifis Humiliation iris in this , that hee that was fo high fbould bee now brought down fo low for the fin of man ; is nor. this a wonder, that hee that thunders in the heavens fhould bee cry - ing in a Manger ? Is it not a great wonder, that bee that framed the heavens and earth ,fhould work with a Carpen- ter in his Trade ; that bee that is the great Judge of all the world fhould bee accufed, and fhould bee condemned as .à Malefaaor, and crucified among Theeves? That bee that is iZ : the