Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

14 on the Excellency of Cbriff, the'Lord'of Life fhould dye , that bee that dwelt in that light that_ is unapprochable , . fhould have darknefs to cover him , that hee that is thebleffed God'fhould bee made a curfe for the fm Of man , are not there things wonderful in Chrittian Religion ? and yet all thefe are things that may bee faid of Chrift ; for the Lord of Life to come and dye, and that accurfed death , this was a wonder that all the wo:ld feemed to bee affected with , the very infenfitive creatures ; for at the death of Chriftthe Sun withdrew his light as being amazed with this wonder , not able to -be- hold it, and the earth fhaked and trembled , and the graves opened at this wonder , the very Rones clave in fun- der at this wonder ; there -was fuch a mighty concuf ion of things at this time , that it made one that knew nothing of the caufe of it , One Dionyfìus, feeing the darknefs at that ßút Deus *.r- time , and fuch great things which were done. , cry out, usræ patitur .Certainly either the God of Nature fullers at this time , or our muncie the world is at an end. So great a wonder it was that the fal tut. f 'Lord of Life fhould thus dye an accurfed - death'; Angels, yea all infeufitide creatures they flood amazed at it, and feemed to bee exceedingly affected with it. And then in the third place , Why,.Chrift may dye, and yet not fuller fo much to make, uswonder, many of the fervants Of God have died cruel deaths But then in the third place ,. There is a gre ater wonder in Chrifis humilia- tion, than itrthefufferings of the fervants of God, becaufe though their bodies ,fuffered yet they had much freedome in their fouls ," they were filled with joy And comfort iu the time óf-theirfuflerings, fó it was in the Martyrs ', Ohba it was otherwife with Chrifi , though bee wem the fountain of all- confolation, yet Chrift fullers in his foul , bee was forrowfulin his foul to the very death, hee gave his foul to bee an offering for fin , and indeed-the fuffering of Chrifis foul, =was the foui of his fuffering, the chief of his fuffer- ing, when as Chrift was in the Garden', there hee acknow ledges that his foul was compaffed round about -wi h' for- Matth.2.6.38, rows, his foot w ú very. forrawfut; and in another Evangelift hee