Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chriff. 12 5 hee. began to bee amazed, and a third Eva ngeliftfaith, hee Mark 1433 began to- bee filled with ferrow in his foul,. and the very trouble of his foùl was. that that drew forth from him fuch a won- derful feat as never was heard of in the.world before, nor never fence , nor never is like ro bee., that a man from di- ffrefs and trouble of his foul lhould fweat fo : Many a man when hee is in fear.' and trouble of minde., hce may fweat,; but when did- you ever hear of .a man out of trouble of minde: that did fweat ;blood , that blood thould come and break through his skin and run down upon him , and this through the trouble of his mind ? for there was no bo- dily affliaion upon Chriftthen, but meerly the-trouble of his Spirit, and hee knowing what cup hee was to drink, and the trouble that hee fuffered in hisSoul,did caufe the blood to break through his veyns, and come to trickle down; and not force thin blood,for fo I have read of one inParis that was condemned to dye , and the very trouble of his fpirit did caufe force blood tocoine out of his. body, but thin; but the Scripture tells us that there was dodders of blood; and. when was this fweat? when hee was abroad in the night time, and lay upon the ground, and in the Whiter feafon: In a Winters night when hee was abroad , and lay upon the ground, hee fweat this fweat, . and all from the trouble of his fpirit : A man may fweat in Sutnmer,andin Winter in the day time , or in a warm room , or in a bed , but for Chrif} in a Winters night, and lying upon the ground to fweat fuch a fweat, for clodders of blood to trickle down, never was Garden watered as rids Garden ; now who would not have accounted this a Wonder of all. Won- ders ? . Here upon this ground 1 yes groveling the Son of God-, the fame God that made the heavens and earth , lyes here in-trouble and anguifhof hisSpirit, while-hee fweat dod- ders of blood ; certainly there was force great matter upon the Spirit of Chrifl at this time. Wee . know it by expe- rience , a Porter when bee bath a great burden upon his body,. bee carries it while bee fweats again : oh but when R 3 you.