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i 26 Os the Esecetlesty of Chri. you fee Porters fweating under their burdens', aeo:n.6= Jefus Chrift (wearing under the burden of fin. Befides that other expre ìon , I f it bee pof fblelet dais cap páfs from wee, and then the fecond time, and the third time to do it again : Why the Martyrs have-gone chearfully to their deaths , whole deaths have b.-.en as cruel as the death of . Jefus Chrift , and more cruel for the outward parr of it , butt here even the great Champion from whom all the Martyrs that ever were,had their ftrength , hee, when bee comes to dye, If it bee pofJble let this coop pafr frcrrs mee, faith hee ; certainly bee law that which the Martyrs nevel raw: Hee fufferedin his Soul. Fourthly , Chrift hee fuffered there things from his Fa- ther, that makes the wonder greater, and fo'his íufferings greater ; hee did not fuller only from wicked men and de- vils , men indeed. they are like themfelves malicious , the devils are like themfelves cruel , I but Chrift hee might have looked up to his Father, and have faid, But oh blefled Ma,ch.3.17 Father , : thou haft laid from heaven , that I am thy well- beloved Son : Chrift would have accounted it no -great matter to have fuffered from men or devils , fo bee it that his Father had .fhined upen him ; Oh no, but here is the wonder, and the greateft thing for Angels , and men to ad- mire at , that God the Father hee inflias tisefe fuftering with his own hand uponhir, and the chief fufferings of Jefus Chria they were infli&}ed by the very hand of God the Father himfelf; for a King to come and take his ova childe, :arid fcourge him, and put him to de th with his own hand, wee would fay , There was never fuch a thing heard of ! yet thus it was in the work of our Redemption, God the Father rakes Chrift with his own hands, and puts him to death' , For hee made bis Soul an of feriag fer fin it was bee that.brssifed him : If you ,read lfa, 5 3.t o. you (hall finde it was the Father that did it ; And that was typified in Abrahams coming with his knife to facrifice I faac his Son, was not that a wonderful that flory of Abraham? 1 fast ríau ft bee facrificed ; and to facrifice ) face his