Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chrifl. his onely Son with his own hands, what a grange hifloryis that ? but that was but the type, here is the Antitype, here God the Father takes his Ifaac , his onely Son Chriff , and facrifices him himfelf';, furely there_was fome great thing to bee done_, that God the Father fhould do it thus .him- felf. Fifthly , Not onely God hee comes himfelf upon him and inflias thefe .evils, but hee Both no: fpare him -at all. You will fay, If God himfelf mull bee the Executioner, and come and lay his hand upon him, hee will lay his hand gently upon his own Son. Nay when Jefus Chrift the Son of God came, to take our fins upon him ., the Father would not fpare him one whit , but lets out the fulnefs of Juflice upon him ., lets out his Jultice to the fully Rom, 8.3 2. it is faid , That God, feared. not his own Son, certainly-if God would have fpared any one would have thought it fhould have been -his Son-: Oh here behold the Juflice of God the Father, that when his own Son takes fin upon him, and that by imputation , hee mull pay to the uttermofl farthing to Juflice , yea though - hee prayed withJtrong crying: .a `d tears, as in Heb.5.7. Though it is true , the Father did carry him through , yet in this God would not fpare him, notwithfianding any of his cryes, but bee mull fuffer to the tirtermol , and pay the uttermofl.farthingthat Divine Ju- L 'tice did require for the fatisfying of it for mans fins. Many poor creatures think that having to deal with God who is a iaerc ful God, though they have the guilt of great fins upon them, yet if they cry our to God for mercy , that God wit fpare them ; wiry, art thou dearer to God than Jefus Chri;l was, thy fins are thine own , his was but by.irüpuration. jet when bee cryed, bee mufi not bee fpared? What thdil ghrs muff the Angels in He wen have upon this when they fee him whom they kneW .to bee the eternal Son of Gad under the hand of the Father , and the.Father no: fo much as tò fpare him -in any thing? Certainly if wee do no: know thde things,, or beleeve them, if wee think to put of God lightly, if I2