Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

128 OW the Excellency of Chrift.- if wee think that a few cryes to God 'at4lall will bee e- nough to caufe God-to fp re us , and pafs by all our fins, do but know God in C:hriit , and a thoufand of thy vaiti thoughts about God, , and the pacifying God for thy fin, will vanith away and come to nothing, did wee but know God aright in Jefus Chrill. Sixthly, Yea but yet further ,there is a. further.wonder in this humiliation of Chrifl. God did not -fpare him ; I but when God deals thus with his Son , will hee leave him ? For one to fuffer mach , yea- and though it bee much fróm God , yet fo long as they may have the pretence- of God with them, that God doth not leave them it is notfo much. But in all there fufferings,God the Father leaves him, this is that isexpreil by that fpeech ,. that wonderful _fpeech of Chrifl upon the Crofs, My Ged, my God, why hall thou for= fallen mee ; There was . never a fpeech fpoke in this world jviaah.Z.gG' that -had matter of fo much admiration as that fpeech of Jefus Chrill that was the eternal Son of God, in the middell of his fufferings, that hee :thould. thus cry out, certainly bee did not mialake, what Chrill apprehended to bee, was, -wee many time may apprehend that God bath forfaken us, when there is no fuch thing , but certainly Chrill was never de- ceived in his apprehenfions, but what hee did apprehend, it was true : But now.what this forfaking of God was , it is a very hard thing , a great myílery, which is too deep for us to dive into, but that there was a forfaking, and that hee was not deceived, but that hee apprehended was real, that muff needs bee granted , or otherwife wee mull grant that Chrill was - deceived , which would bee blafpherny for us toy fay. Seventhly, Yea again yet further, the Wonder in CI-gills humiliation was this,thát all this Chrill forefaw,and yet did willingly undertake it to-favernankinde, fee what the heart of Chrill in his- fafl'erings towards his eletl ones , vvas,that rather than hee would fee them to bee plunged into the boe- tomlefs gulf of eternal mifery, hee would put hirrifelf into it to keep them out 7 bee did it willingly -; When hee did